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> As long as it’s a pizza shop, it’s all cuisine=pizza, right?


The main distinction in Italy (and you can find similar differences in the
offering probably also in other countries, think Pizza Hut vs. a nice
Italian restaurant) is between "round pizza" and "pizza slices" [1], where
you will get the first mostly in restaurant like places (prepared after you
order) and the slices in fast food like dedicated places (already baked
typically, often no seating), bakeries, etc., with the variation of fried
pizza (e.g. "pizza fritta napoletana") [3]. And then there are the
"pizzette" (small round pizza) [2]. And the pizza tonda (round) is often
distinguished in "alta" (high) and "bassa" (flat), with only a few places
offering both types (different pastry needed).
Next distinction is the oven: wood fired or electrical (obviously the "real
pizza" comes out of an oven=wood_fired).


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizza_al_taglio
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