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It’s interesting that wherever you go, the “builder” people all seem to have their own culture and identity - and uniform. The "construction workers" in america that frame houses all seem to be part of of a big club, and the specialty wooden house people here in Japan - daiku-san (大工さん) , with their long pants with gigantic oversized cuffs and split toe shoes also have an instantly recognizable uniform, just through tradition.  As in america, a lot of residential houses here are wooden framed, constructed onsite (not so much prefab work) - the job title fits the work - framers - but overall, just “construction worker” is good.

whereas in America the “handyman” or “repairman” would help you with house repairs - a “carpenter” (大工さん) title is still used for a general handyman here in Japan. 

This seems to be separate from people who work on steel trussed buildings, or are specialists, such as welders, pipe-fitters, etc. 

“A person or company who takes part in the construction, maintenance, and repair of common residential and commercial structures (and their systems), usually consisting of wood, concrete, or other easy to work with materials.

Known by several names depending on when they work on the structure (construction worker, handyman, repairman, carpenter, etc), the title of builder encompasses them all, as a single person or company usually performs a variety of tasks to complete their various jobs. “

sounds like a good def to me. 


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>> Just found this tag (craft=builder) on Taginfo and it has been used by a few times, but it does not seem very clear what it means: 
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Builder <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Builder> 
>> So is there any good definition for this tag or should I just create a Wiki page that people should use more spefific craft etc. tags? 
> Of the links there, "The Builders <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Builders>, a Fawlty Towers episode" might be most useful.  :-)
> In English this sense of "builder" normally means a (usually small) company that performs (house) building work, or a person that works for such a company.  
> A larger company that designs and oversees the construction of large housing estates (or other commercial or industrial property) might also be described as a "firm of builders", but it's not as good a fit.
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