[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - (Obligatory vs., optional cycletracks)

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> In Belgium the cyclist always have to use the cycleway, except
> - the path is in bad condition (glass, snow, holes,  ...)
> - Children on small bikes
> - groups of cyclists.
> - for some special turns (see page 10 of
> http://webshop.bivv.be/frontend/files/products/pdf/2fea42ac8b1b22e59ef8d5ea77aaf906/fietsersendewegcode.pdf
> )
> regards
> m
> On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 11:18 AM, Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>>   In NL I think it is similar to Germany. The definition of the sign is
>> "verplicht fietspad" i.e. compulsory cycle track. When the cycle track runs
>> adjacent to a road the intention is clear, but the sign is interestingly
>> also used for cycle paths through the middle of the countryside with no
>> adjacent road. One might interpret this as "you MUST follow this path, even
>> if it goes in the wrong direction for you"....
>> Colin
>> ------------------------------

I think the only need for 'obligatory cycleway' is to remove bicyclist 
from certain roads! e.g.

I'm bicycling north to south.. there is an obligatory cycleway 1000 kms 
west of me ..
Do I have to use it? No. Totally unreasonable.
Or is it only obligatory for the adjacent road? Yes. In which case the 
road can be tagged bicycle=no ... if I don't want to use that 
'obligatory cycleway' I could then find another road .. possibly further 
away, but I could avoid both that road and that cycleway. Thus the 
'obligatory cycleway' applies to those bicyclists trying to use that one 

Same situation for the 'compulsory cycle track' if no other path exists 
then you have to use it, if there are other paths then mark the other 
paths as bicycle=no, as the situation demands.


Marc  In some states of Australia I can bicycle on any footpath, in others I can if I'm under 12 years old or accompanying that child. I don't tag that, I'd not tag those complex exceptions in Belgium either.

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