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On 2014-02-02 02:15, André Pirard wrote: 

> On 2014-02-01 17:39, Colin Smale wrote : 
> On 2014-02-01 17:30, Masi Master wrote: 
> Normally traffic signs belongs to the road to the next intersection/crossing.
> That depends on the country - different jurisdictions have different conventions. In the UK the sign's effect is often "until further notice", i.e. until there is another sign telling you differently. It doesn't automatically get nullified at the first side road like it does in many countries.

Strange to me again because the reason why the signs HAVE TO be repeated
is that drivers entering the road at that "next crossing" wouldn't know
them otherwise. How do the UK drivers know? 

They have to use their memory. The legal basis is also often different.
There is often (it depends on the sign/restriction) a "Traffic Order"
which says something like "the road from A to B is now 30mph maximum
speed" and prima facie you are committing an offence if you disobey the
order whether there are signs or not. However you can defend yourself in
court by saying the signs were absent, hidden, confusing etc. So the
highway authority has to be reasonable about putting up signs, and it is
your problem if you miss one. In NL at least the offence is created by
the sign itself, so no sign = no offence. 

By the way, diving off-topic for a second, their memory is not tested as
much as drivers on Dutch motorways. You may have to have a stack of up
to 5 speed limits at any one time. Imagine encountering the following
signs, in order: 

1) start of motorway - class of road says it is 130 

2) static sign says it is 120 

3) static sign also says it is 100 between 0700 and 1900 

4) temporary static sign says it is 90 (e.g. for roadworks) 

5) overhead displays say temporary speed limit is 70 (e.g. for
congestion ahead) 

6) in the course of the traffic jam you see a temporary static sign at
the end of the road works which says "end of 90 limit" (black circle,
diagonal bar, grey 90 visible) 

7) overhead displays say "end of restriction" (circle with diagonal bar)

What is the speed limit after sign 6 (the time is 1859)? And after sign
7? And why is everybody suddenly overtaking you? 

There is a catch at point 7) - end of restriction on overhead displays
now only cancel limits from overhead displays. So is the limit after
sign 6) 100, or 130? 

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