[Tagging] tag man_made=campanile to be replaced withman_made=belfry?

Frank Little frankosm at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 13 22:13:36 UTC 2014

Andreas Labres wrote:
>For me those are rather synonym (but different regions/cultures obviously 
>them much different).
>In German the word "Glockenstapel" doesn't exist (at least in our latitude,
>48°). The Nordic "Klockstapel" as well as the Italian "Campanile" translate 
>"Glockenturm" (which means bell tower) in German.
>As those are all towers, I'd prefer
 >   man_made=tower
>for all of them. And then I'd detail
>    tower:type=belfry for those Nordic belfries
 >   tower:type=campanile for those stand-alone Italien Campaniles
 >   tower:type=bell_tower for any "ordinary" bell tower
>Or even more extreme
>    man_made=tower
>    tower:type=bell_tower
>(as we probably agree those all are bell towers) and optionally
 >   tower:subtype=belfry
>    tower:subtype=campanile

Confusingly, some of the pictures on the wikipedia page for 'Klockstapel' 
(Swedish) are not towers but open structures (and not very tall structures at 
that). Similarly 'Klokkestabel' (Danish). Are these towers at all? They look 
like the kind of thing which the bell_cage proposal was intended to cover (and 
which have been used for such free-standing, non-tower bells here in the 
Netherlands (Dutch: 'Klokkenstoel'). 
I notice that the Dutch wikipedia page for Klokkenstoel links to a German 
wikipedia page for Glockenstuhl.

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