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Dave Swarthout daveswarthout at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 03:14:56 UTC 2014

In reading over a proposal in here for apartment sharing that included a
list of other tourism keys relating to lodging or accommodation that
included, among other remotely located shelters, the value wilderness_hut.
We have 60 such wilderness cabins and 4 ice huts in Alaska managed by the
Alaska Department of Natural Resources. They are scattered here and there
in the wilds, have wood or oil heat, pit toilets, bunks for up to 8 people,
and are unreachable by the highway system. Access is by hiking, or by boat
or small plane.

Alaska State Parks Public Use Cabins:

See here for an example information webpage with reservation link at the
bottom: http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/gulf.htm

And one I recently placed on the OSM near Midtimber Lake

Node: Midtimber Lake Cabin (2755176663)
  Data Set: 95b38f
  Edited at: <new object>
  Edited by: <new object>
  Version: 1
  In changeset: 21410843
    "name"="Midtimber Lake Cabin"
    "operator"="Alaska Department of Natural Resources"

I am proposing adding the words "typically not accessible from the highway
system" to the definition for wilderness_hut in the Map Features; Tourism
section. Currently it says: "A remote building with fireplace intended to
provide shelter and sleeping accommodation."

Also I think the term fireplace is too restrictive. I would propose
"usually equipped with a heat source of some type"

The complete definition might read:
"A remote building usually equipped with a heat source of some type and
typically not accessible from the highway system intended to provide
shelter and sleeping accommodation."

I use the words "typically" and "usually" because there are 722 instances
of such huts and I do not know if those other places have road access or
not. The ones in Alaska do not.

What do you think?

Dave Swarthout
Homer, Alaska
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Travel Blog at http://dswarthout.blogspot.com
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