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> Martin Koppenhoefer wrote on 2014-11-04 14:30:
>> 2014-11-04 14:01 GMT+01:00 Philip Barnes <phil at trigpoint.me.uk <mailto:phil at trigpoint.me.uk>>:
>>      Surely highway=bridleway has been around forever? It was certainly there
>>      when I started editing in 2007.
>> surely this was there, but the German sign for a bridleway excludes pedestrians and bicycles and is rarely found in the real life, while ways without any signs aren't that rare, but no-one in Germany would think of calling those "bridleways"
> Thanks Martin, I just learned that such a sign exists,
> defining the bridleway in the German traffic code (StVO):
> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/72/Zeichen_238.svg/240px-Zeichen_238.svg.png
> Thus what is tagged in my area as bridleway is typically
> a forestry track on which a small sign, more like the UK one
> in the OSM wiki, by which the forest operator keeps the horses
> on particular tracks. I conclude that highway=track with horse=yes/no
> would be more appropriate.
> I am tempted to add that conclusion to the wiki...
> tom

highway=track is wider than highway=path, tracks being useable for at 
least one 4WD, So their width should be say 2 metres?

Re cycleway vs footway rendering .. I've looked at least 3 renders  .. 
none use the additional tags for footway bicycle=yes (and some of thoise 
have rendering specfically for bicycles!)  ... thus my preference for 
cycleway where it is obvious and in common use in 'my' area... I've 
tired footway bicycle=yes .. and I've tried informing one render .. no 

  I've not seen any rendering specfically for horses. Here in Australia 
there are a number of horse trails .. one over 5,000km long. Not enough 
demand for horse maps thus no rendering?
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