[Tagging] Dispute with user over changing wiki page

Michael Reichert nakaner at gmx.net
Sat Nov 8 17:55:58 UTC 2014

Hi PeeWee32,

Am 2014-11-08 um 16:47 schrieb Pee Wee:
> We are writing to you for advice on what steps we should or could take
> next. The situation is best summarized as:
> 1. A user is attempting to change, without consensus, the meaning of a tag
> that was accepted through a proposal process. There are 2 changes that are
> arguable: one is a considerable change and another is a recommendation to
> add a redundant (but not wrong) tag;
> 2. Several attempts have been made to revert the page to it's original
> state, without success;
> 3. Several times we have advised him to go to the tagging mailing list to
> discuss these changes with more people, without success.

My guess after reading the first sentence of your mail was right. There
is no need to hide the name of this user. Its name is ulamm (Ulrich
Lamm) from Bremen. He has long history of conflicts with other mappers
in Bremen, Germany and Germany's eastern neighbours. Let me shortly
summarize his conflicts:

1. name:de
In June this year he tried to delete almost all name:de tags in areas
which belonged to Germany before World War II. He said that OSM is full
of nazis and only capitals of foreign countries should have German names
in OSM. He also deleted other name:*=* tags in Poland and Czech
Republic. His motivation was that name:de=* had a higher priority than
name=* or int_name=* in rendering at openstreetmap.org.

2. Bicycle Tagging
This conflict exists especially in Bremen. I think you know the
important topics of this conflict.

In almost all topics his opinion is in difference to the opinion of OSM
community. He is a mapping-for-the-renderer-mapper and you cannot
discuss a topic with him.

Both in case 1 and 2 he was reported to DWG several times. DWG told him
that he will be blocked indefinitely if there is another conflict with
other OSM contributors. I would like to see himself blocked. It would
not be a loss for OSM community.

Best regards


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