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>> Usually the government services are monopolistic - courts, police, elected officials (there's only 1 mayor) tax offices, DMV, etc, whereas NGO s and non-profits are a business model to support some activity. thehospital could be run by a church, an NGO, or by the city, but it's still a hospital. A clinic. a pet hospital. maybe we need an amenity=homeless shelter? 
> for the latter there is a social facility scheme with subtags.

Never had to tag one, so I'll have to read up on that tag. interesting. ^^

> What landuse value do you suggest for NGOs?

I don't know currently - the service they offer should be the basis of the tag - but for the admin offices, I don't know. It sounds like it should be a social facility office or something, or just plain offices, as only their business model might set them apart from a standard business. maybe it gets jammed in with civic. I don'tknow enough about NGO's to know here they should go, but I think there are a few paces they can comfortably fit. 

> We've had this same discussion some months ago. I think courts and government shouldn't necessarily be in the same landuse, while for police I agree.
> I don't exactly get the meaning of "civic", can you expand on this, what it includes and excludes?

Well, we're all talking about the same pizza, just where to slice it, I think.

to me, we all seem to tag big "services" that are offered by the government or private companies based on the function - schools, hospitals, universities, bus routes, train lines,  etc - the services are paramount. 

But there are civil services that are offered and administrated by the government that usually don't have an equal - or are just "special offices" :  tax offices, pension offices, public libraries, national post services, city admin (mayor, city councils), immigration offices, DMV, courts, Jails, police, fire dept, etc, and viewed as "non-commercial" and "government services" to most people.

Like schools and hospitals, if you want to cut out judicial (Courts, government attorney's offices) or detention (juvenile correction, work camps, jails, prisons, etc), or any of the others -  that's fine, another slice taken from the civic pie. 

I just want a tag that lets me label the landuse for the rest, since they are often disparate services (pension, Fire, DMV) connected by the common thread of city services, often sharing the same land / offices, and thought of and treated differently than a standard commercial area. 

For example, I'm a foreign resident in Japan. I have to visit the regional offices to renew my visa every year or so. It's always a busy place people have to find. It's not at the city hall, the airport or a border - but it is a really important government office building that needs to labeled differently than a standard office building. 

In the US, it is a "Federal building" that is regional, or a "immigration office" that is more local. 

Just as landuse=retail pulls together disparate services (car sales, discount stores, food markets), or landuse=commercial (cleaning services to computer consultants), landuse=civic ties these these services together as well.  I want a common landuse, and a separate "civic=" subtag that work with the landuse to label these disparate leftover services as well (goes with building=civic) such as civic=pension/tax/etc, but if there is another solution for the subtag, I'm okay with that too.


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