[Tagging] Ambiguous translations of waterway=dam - should be moved to man_made=dam

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Wed Apr 15 15:35:10 UTC 2015


We have problems in Brazil with the abiguity of translation of the word “dam”, resulting in new users tagging the waterbody as waterway=dam (translates represa), instead of the dam structure (translates represa). It seems like both the namespace (waterway) and the fact that iD only shows tags as labels are adding to this confusion

Since the dam structure is a man_made construction, I suggest that the tag should be moved into that namespace. Currently we should abandon (deprecate) the tag waterway=dam to avoid conflicts with existing tagging scheme, and maybe in the future allow this tag to mean the waterbody of the dam. Today I had to explain to a user why he couldn’t use waterway=dam on the waterbody, and he seemed confused about using landuse=reservior (which also should translate to represa). I do not know how these things are translated in iD, maybe some of this confusion could be solved with improved translations?

Anyway, since the dam is a man_made structure I think it is about time this is corrected in the tagging namespace also. This tag is quite old, and have many uses, so a transition from waterway=dam to man_made=dam will be a timely long process. If consensus is that the man_made namespace is more propitiate, the new tag should be added (maybe in a mechanical edit) to existing tags, let data consumers get sufficient time to update stylesheets, etc, before removing the old tag from the database.

Aun Johnsen

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