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Fri Apr 24 20:33:04 UTC 2015

On 24/04/2015, Thorsten Alge <lists at thorsten-alge.de> wrote:
>> I fear at this stage we can only agree to disagree : to me using
>> e-cigarettes *is* smoking. I don't care much for the physicist's
>> definition of "smoke". It's the social/medical definition that matters
>> here, the one that gets turned into laws and ultimately into osm tags.
> No offence but it is more a matter of law and house rules. Smoking (a
> cigarette) is strongly regulated by law in Germany and only partly by
> operators of amenities. In the case of vaporizers its for the operator
> to decide. So we have amenities where it is forbidden to smoke
> cigarettes but allowed to use vaporizers.
> So I don't want to take up the cudgels for vaporizers but I also think
> if we tag smoking=* we should also tag for vaporizers.

Absolutely, wherever the rule differ between the two practices, we
need to tag that.

Currently e-cigarettes have managed to define themselves in a way that
avoid most countries' anti-smoking laws (I expect the laws to
eventually catch up, but also to be more lennient towards
e-cigarettes). So the law often says nothing, and it's up to
manager/owner to decide. The only time I saw somebody smoking an
e-cigarette in a cafe (in a medium Irish town that has a few shops
dedicated to e-cigarettes) I asked the owner what his policy was and
his answer was "same as classic cigarettes, I would have stoped the
smoker had I seen her". Granted it's just one annecdote, but I've seen
plenty of other hints that people expect the social rule to be the
same for e-cigs and traditional cigs, despite the law being silent on
the subject.

OSM-tagging-wise, this leads me to belive that :
 * In the absence of specific information, the social rule is likely
to be the same for both practices, and therefore "smoking=*" can be
used as the fallback value for "ecig-permited-key=*".
 * both practices are similar enough that it makes sense to group them
in the same namespace ("smoking:" for obvious historical reasons).

By all means, go ahead and setup a QA tool that complains about the
lack of e-cigarette tags if you want.

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