[Tagging] Shop= values and a sub key for detail?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 00:47:40 UTC 2015

On 14/08/2015 10:02 AM, Ruben Maes wrote:
> On Friday 14 August 2015 09:46:00 Warin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This follows from the shop=model discussion I raised a while ago.
>> Marczoutendijk diary
>> https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/marczoutendijk/diary/35584
>> demonstrates the issue that occurs with shop= ...
>> I think one way to 'solve' this is to have a free text entry sub key for
>> shops...
>> say a key of shop_products.
>> In this way shop= values don't have to carry all the detail leading to
>> possibly millions of values.
>> Rather shop= values can be a collective value without the specific
>> detail, making them easier to distinguish by separate rendering icons.
>> If detail is required then the free text entry can be interrogated.
>> Examples
>> shop=food
>> shop_products=cheese, bread, fruit, vegetables
>> shop=scale_model
>> shop_products=kits, ready made, materials
>> shop=bicycle
>> shop_products=new, second hand, service
>> Thoughts??
> vending comes to mind, it is defined as being for vending machines.
> In any case, you should use semi-colons to separate multiple values. And semi-colon separated lists (here we go again) should be avoided (especially in new tagging schemes) in favour of namespaced tags.
> I vaguely remember an argument for things like vending:food:bread=yes.
> So, in combination with duck tagging, a shop selling mainly fruit and vegs would become something like
> shop=grocery
> vending:bread=yes
> vending:cheese=yes
> vending:fruit=yes
> vending:vegetables=yes
> And the scale model shop
> shop=model
> vending:scale_model_kits=yes
> service:scale_model:repair=yes (following the bicycle scheme)
> second_hand=yes (that is an approved tag: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:second_hand)

Errr  I'm using scale_model to distinguish it from models used to display/demonstrate clothing (or the lack of clothing).


vending:scale_model:parts=yes (as in selling parts/materials to make a scale model)


Something like that?

> For bicycle shops, there are already tags to describe this, see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:shop%3Dbicycle.
It does not really follow your idea .. e.g.



to follow your idea .. should be




Ruben - thanks for trying to get some consistency across OSM.
It would be nice to have it.
The shop bicycle tags demonstrate the lack of consistency. That could be a simple time line generated thing, bicycle came first then vending.

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