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John Willis johnw at mac.com
Sat Aug 22 13:09:09 UTC 2015

> On Aug 22, 2015, at 9:25 PM, Ruben Maes <ruben.maes96 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I would like to politely express a feeling of disbelief as to why people leave that automatic signature turned on.

I have a single email address. I have used it for 15 years. I use it to send email professionally, personally, and for all hobbies. It is checked and read by 4 different devices daily. 

There are many instances where the fact that I am communicating from my phone is important in my personal and professional life, as a note to explain terse replies when on the go, and to let the person know, unlike when I am sitting at my desk, that even a quick reply back may go unanswered becuase I am biking, driving, or otherwise distracted by the world around me.  

However, when typing long diatribes and rants into the phone while relaxing at home, it is not important nor necessary information (I delete it from here when I remember to - almost all my posts are from my phone), but the signature is useful in other contexts.

So it remains.

If I want encrypted messages, ill send an iMessage directly to a known user. This is just passing postcards around - and I am not worried about the validity of any sender, including myself. I am long past being fooled by header spoofing in email 20 years ago to trick me out pf passwords and account info, nor is any of this important secret information. 

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