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>> Isn't the term public_bath somewhat outdated?
> Google search 温泉 in Japan
> https://www.google.com/maps/search/温泉 /@36.3099717,138.9777321,11z 
> <https://www.google.com/maps/search/%E6%B8%A9%E6%B3%89/@36.3099717,138.9777321,11z>
> several thousand red dots will show up.
> an onsen is subkey value of public bath, documented on the wiki.
> some onsen are amenities in a hotel, spa, or mountain inn, but most 
> are stand alone facilities.
> this is one of the most common and universal things for friends and 
> family to do after an activity (shopping, vacation, hiking, etc) in Japan.
> Go to a amusement park with the family? go to the onsen after.
> Going hiking in the monuntains? go to an onsen when done.
> Office lunch party? go wine tasting then go go to an onsen in the 
> afternoon.
> Yes, this means bathing with classmates, coworkers, and family members 
> (almost always gender separated) in a public place.
> In the US, “public baths” and very rare, and I don’t think I have ever 
> been to one.
> in Japan, they are part of every day culture.
> https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=onsen&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjvxtPckOTJAhVjKaYKHdaFBf8QsAQIRQ&biw=1311&bih=834#imgrc=_

In England, public swimming pools were often called 'swimming baths' 
until the late 20th century. The 'public baths' were understood to refer 
to a building containing a swimming pool for public use. If you go back 
further, I think these establishments did actually provide washing 
facilities for those, especially the urban poor, who didn't have 
bath-tubs in the home, and were provided as a public-health measure.


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