[Tagging] HOA-required names

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Sat Dec 26 09:09:24 UTC 2015

Paul Johnson wrote on 2015/12/26 08:48:
> Are names of private roads required by HOA's noteworthy enough to put into OSM?  I remember passing this once in Fountain, CO and just happened upon it again in the headlines, and made me wonder since it is something that is a well known area landmark.
> http://www.krdo.com/news/a-sign-that-will-make-you-stop-for-another-reason/31126346

Well, it's used by the locals, even a tourist attraction in this case,
and it's signposted and thus ground verifiable.

It should not matter who required it, but that it is there and being used,
thus it is mappable.

Quite in contrast, I see people putting the names of a nearby major road
on dozens of parallel parking_aisles of a shopping centre's parking lot --
that's what I consider wrong.

Shawn K. Quinn wrote on 2015/12/26 09:58:
 > My issue with labeling the road itself is that any navigation
 > device/software which uses OSM data may at some point read off that
 > long, silly name (which may well exceed the expected length as well). I
 > really do not want to see the horrible mess that Mapnik will probably
 > make trying to label it, either. (Or will it just not try if the name is
 > too long?)

Still a lot shorter than this place's name:


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