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Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 22:55:23 UTC 2015

Over here, there is a clear difference between recycling containers and
waste bins. Although recently they have been introducing waste bins that
are a combination of classical waste bins and recycling containers for
plastic bottles and tin cans. Both "holes" are clearly marked for their
purpose: waste vs. recycling.

But when I have to bring my glass bottles or clothes to a recycling
container, I never think of going to a "waste disposal" container. The same
for the recycle center for paper, plastic, etc. Although a recycle center
has a part for dumping larger pieces that are not collected door-to-door,
we still see the main activity as recycling, not as dumping your waste.
Maybe this is more common in Europe than elsewhere, I don't know.

Furthermore in our town we have to pay to dump those larger pieces, or
ground/sand, but not for metals, plastics, and a number of other things.
The paying part is probably waste, the rest is recycling. It's even so that
only inhabitants of the town are allowed in the recycle center (checked via
electronic pasport).

So waste vs recycling is a top level choice for us, not something that
comes on the second place. Just like the current amenity=recycling vs

> It is combined with other waste things - thus easier to find for both
> mapper and render

it's easier for renderer to make the choice on the toplevel (a recycling
sign for recycling) AFAIK.

> Does it harm the present recycling tagging? Or simply replaces it?

I see no need to replace the recycling scheme, sorry.

>> Possible... yes. But why would you? The good thing about combining them
> is that they are very similar;
> would use the same sub tags eg volume
> would make mapping them easier - same main tag used
> would make rendering easier - same main tag used, same sub tags used
> A restaurant and a fast-food place are also very similar, still they have
different top-level tags.
Don't think it would make mapping easier, as I said I already think of
recycling vs. waste, so looking for recycling under waste is not natural
for me.
I thought that one of the reasons that public transport scheme is not yet
rendered properly is that the "bus=yes" is a subtag. You would just
introduce the same problem.


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