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On 8/07/2015 5:27 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>     Voting for this 'property' is now open.
>     Wedding Reception Definition: A place where a social event is held
>     after the completion of a wedding ceremony.
>     Note that it is a 'property' rather than a key:value (what I call
>     a sub tag). It may be applied to any key:value examples;
>     building=yes
>     wedding_reception=yes
>     leisure=park
>     wedding_reception=yes
> Are wedding receptions special with regard to other private 
> celebrations like birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries, presentations?
They look to be separated by the venues .

> What is the criterion for wedding_reception=yes (i.e. is it sufficient 
> that there once was a wedding reception, or do they have to occur 
> frequently?).
There are vast belief/cultural difference across the globe for weddings 
and their receptions!!!

> In general I believe something more generic like event_space (or maybe 
> a little more specific) would be better, because wedding reception 
> places (at least the ones I am aware of) typically also can be used 
> for other kind of celebrations.

I wish to remove the possibility of a mapper looking for a tag for a 
wedding reception using the proposed 
reception/reception_point/reception_area by error.

I could simple create a wiki page with that title and direct them to a 
generic tag .. but a google on wedding reception shows the popularity of 
this function.

Google search numbers
wedding reception 169,000,000
Birthday venues      75,800,000
anniversary venue   59,500,000
presentation venue  86,800,000

So wedding venues look to be about twice the numbers of the others...

For comparison the OSM tag amenity=music_venue has 91,000,000 google 
search numbers (searched for music venue)... And yes a music venue might 
also be used for other things too.

Google search on event venue returns 292,000,000 results .. I don't 
think all of them would be suitable for a wedding reception.And the 
numbers are about half those of wedding reception.

? What do you think? :-\
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