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phil at trigpoint.me.uk phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Thu Jul 16 14:23:14 UTC 2015

On Thu Jul 16 15:06:34 2015 GMT+0100, Richard Mann wrote:
> For those interested, the issue appears to be that the Poles can have
> multiple routes on one road section (fine, just like the Americans, use
> relations), but also the same route number can get used on a series of
> roads of different classification. So route 2 goes from Germany to Warsaw
> as a motorway, then becomes a trunk, then a primary.
That happens in the UK, on whos road system OSM road classification is based, too.

Many A roads switch between trunk and primary, or even vanish for a section where the route is a motorway. The A5, passing Telford,  is a classic example. 

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