[Tagging] oil binding agent?

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Oil absorption _____ , and then fill in the method. The stuff they throw on the road is granulated, so granules.  There are filters, pads, and other stuff. 

The actual chemical / process doing the work would be the "oil binding agent" or something, but the delivery/usage method is how it is named (in English), AFAIK.


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> On Jul 18, 2015, at 9:23 PM, Friedrich Volkmann <bsd at volki.at> wrote:
> I am looking for the English term for granulate that is made to absorb oil
> that was spilled due to a leak or a vehicle accident and threatens ground
> water. The granulate is often stored in boxes along forest tracks in water
> protection areas. In Austria, the boxes are labelled "ÖLBINDEMITTEL", which
> is the German word for the substance.
> Dictionaries return "oilbinder", "oil binder", "oil binding agent" and "oil
> absorbent", but some of them seem to be used for cooking, which is not what
> I mean.
> In any case, this certainly belongs to the emergency=* key, e.g.
> emergency=oil_binding_agent. But amenity=* might also be ok.
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