[Tagging] How to recognize memorial from monument?

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Tue Jul 21 12:18:29 UTC 2015

W dniu 21.07.2015 13:03, Martin Koppenhoefer napisał(a):

> much better, still 12 meters are a lot, if you think about standing in
> front of an 8 meters high object, that's already pretty monumental.

That's why I added "or so". We can also add a practical hint, which is 
BTW the real meaning and could be a definition for this flawed type:

"Hint: if one can't tell it's 'monumental', then it should be tagged as 


Our current object categorization is sometimes a disaster and I hope one 
day we'll fix it from the ground up. Then the monument (which by 
definition is a memorial!) would be just an option, not an object in 
itself, for example:

object=memorial (not even historic, because it may be built nowadays - 
let's get rid of those compulsive categories!)
memorial=obelisk (just the shape type)
war_memorial=yes (to not mix detailed purpose with shapes)

"The train is always on time / The trick is to be ready to put your bags 
down" [A. Cohen]we should

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