[Tagging] theatre vs concert_hall

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Fri Jul 24 14:11:52 UTC 2015

W dniu 24.07.2015 15:41, Tom Pfeifer napisał(a):

> Many places where concerts are given, are multifunctional in fact,
> such as playing both operas and symphonic concerts, or have speech
> theatre one day and chamber_music the other.
> Thus having one master value for performing arts, currently
> amenity=theatre, makes more sense to me than splitting this into
> two dozens of subcategories.

So are the stadiums for example, but they have different tagging scheme:


In my city this is used for sport events, but also for big musical 
concerts and other completely unrelated venues, like book fairs. Cinemas 
are also explicitly excluded from theater tagging, while they are also 
multifunctional. I guess it makes tagging the main purpose perfectly 
valid strategy. Also theaters are probably not the most universal 
description of halls.

It's also interesting why the list exist gathering concert halls of the 
world (definition is given on top):


> The latter are characterised by the theatre:genre tag, the only
> flaw with the current design of genre is that I cannot assign
> multiple values to the same venue.

Genre may be too specific in many cases, so maybe theatre:type? We could 
also fix the problem with genres with:

theatre:genre=xxx -> theatre:genre:xxx=yes

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