[Tagging] Self storage places

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 14:54:04 UTC 2015

2015-06-09 15:51 GMT+02:00 Andrew MacKinnon <andrewpmk at gmail.com>:

> How do you tag self storage places (e.g. Public Storage, etc.)? It
> seems like man_made=storage is the most popular tag on taginfo but it
> is unofficial. This needs to be made formal.

I'm not sure that tag is about self storage businesses.
man_made=storage_tank has 116.000 occurences, so those 2 354
man_made=storage might describe similar things.
I remember therewas once a discussion about this on the tagging ml, but I
don't recall the outcome ;-)

>From taginfo I find interesting:

2 442 amenity=boat_storage

244 amenity=storage

102 shop=storage_units

59 shop=storage

49 amenity=cold_storage

43 amenity=self_storage

35 service=storage

I'd choose amenity=self_storage probably.

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