[Tagging] Access and area type for some (public) objects

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Tue Jun 9 17:31:40 UTC 2015

I'd like to ask about access=* values for some objects.

1. First is rather easy - there is fenced area with a few big apartment 
houses. You can enter only if you have a key or somebody open it. Should 
the highways inside be tagged with access=private? It's like few hundred 
people inside, so I just want to make sure what is the best approach.

2. The second question is harder: what with the access to fenced area 
with some public institutions inside? I think of such places as hospital 
area - I guess highway=service inside it should be tagged with 
access=destination (or maybe access=customers? but it sound strange), 
but what with highway=footway there - there are no gates for 
pedestrians, so maybe it's just public, so anyone can go through this 
big area, or maybe access=permissive, because it's just not intended for 
shortcuts, but nobody will check it?

3. There are also some public offices, where you can get inside with a 
car only if you are a employee probably - I don't know if clients are 
allowed or not, but there is a kind of a gate or a lift gate, so there 
is no entry for cars by default. Of course the footways are not limited. 
I have also a problem with guessing what landuse is this - like public 
broadcasting (radio, TV) buildings: is it commercial, because there are 
offices, or what? Public radio and TV are offices with some commercial 
activity, but with strong public background.

4. And finally - bus garages for public transport. They can be very 
large and landuse=industrial is more or less clear for me (this is also 
public agency, so not entirely clear...). But maybe it is also the 
amenity=parking space? And what about access there - is it 
access=private for cars/buses? And what about footways - is it dependent 
on if you can pass through (and then permissive) or not (and then 
destination) or it doesn't matter?

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