[Tagging] Airport "Pet Relief Areas" (toilet and watering spot for pet and service animals)

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>   The 'sterile' I think is redundant.
> The sterile is *not* redundant, it's a grouping classifier.
Very important, given the blizzard of motley tags that may follow it.


Otherwise you have to know about all the possible secure values to figure
out which ones are for
passengers and which ones are for airport employees:

> international
> international_departure
> international_arrival
> domestic
> domestic_arrival
> domestic_departure
> yes (as in there is security . but unknown or variable type/classification)
> no (as in no security)
> I do not understand 'aeroway_security=landside' ... ?

 "landside" is within the airport security zone, outside terminal
security.  Anyone can access this zone typically, but airport security
rules apply such as no lasers or guns.
Other security zones include "Air Operations Area" and "baggage_handling"
for micromappers.

A fuel station for example is likely in the "AOA" security zone and
inaccessible for example to caravans (That's one of the reasons
amenity=fuel is such a bad choice for such fuel stations).


Alternatively free text, unparsable, has merits also.  It displays far
better in a popup window on a mobile device:

security_zone=International Arrivals
security_zone=General Aviation AOA
security_zone=Bag Make-Up Room
security_zone=International Departures

Yes, in some airports General Aviation is it's own security zone, something
GA pilots must contend with.
It's neither SIDA nor sterile as objects may be introduced from an
unregulated airport.


So what colour should we paint the bike shed?
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