[Tagging] Airport "Pet Relief Areas" (toilet and watering spot for pet and service animals)

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> I don't think that level of detail is needed. 

Looking at the basic diagram linked to by Bryce, it looks like there is only 2-3 main categories, - and what goes in the categories for now can be inferred from imagery (for the most part), so it shouldn’t be something a mapper is asking an airport official, let alone asking while they are traveling. It probably is on their websites - delivery trucks and people who visit the airport to service the facilities or planes need to know where to go and who to see when going there for a job - and those are not secrets. Detailed information on all kinds of airport diagrams are publicly available, as pilots need information. 

And when indoor mapping becomes a reality, having the proper tags all set up for the basic types of areas (departure, arrival, etc) is really, really handy. 

AFAIK, I think almost all of the data we would be interested in mapping - now and in the future -  *is* what is secure and what isn’t for the general public at a very basic level. but there are two secure areas - what is secure for people, and what is secure for the plane and it’s equipment. Both of which is easily determined by anyone and not secret (is it inside the terminal for passengers or is it on the apron or baggage handling?). You know you can’t go play on the tarmac or jump the security line to see your cousin at the gate - these are the basics that we wish to map - because the basic extents of where you can go as a visitor, a departing traveller, and an arriving traveller is something all people going to the airport are interested in - and shown on all the signs and maps throughout the airport.

 It’s not secret.

Mapping that information is not breaking some need-to-know thing. 

As with all airports, there is a further divide between “ground” and “air” operations - and all the “security" stuff is over in ground - and air operations (the runway and major taxiways) is secured by a fence - but that area does have an official name and is trivial to map correctly - especially if that tag is obscured from the mapper by the mapping software.

We might as well use the proper names for these areas used by officials when tagging something - the names and and the basic areas are not secret. We don’t need to render all of it either. And mapping all the private indoor ways and inaccessible corridors or private baggage handling systems inside IS NOT something we should map (unless it is outdoors or in a distinct building we can label as a whole), nor are we discussing mapping these off limits areas - but areas that are accessible by the general traveling public is totally reasonable to map - especially when indoor mapping rolls around. 


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