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althio althio.forum at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 17:04:19 UTC 2015

Hi Jean-Marc,

Thank you for your detailed input and review on this idea.
It indeed looks to fit well within the existing scheme as a more refined
urban territorial subdivision.

place = city/town > suburb > neighbourhood > city_block/block / plot

The trouble is there is no definition yet of city_block/block / plot, only
the current usage.
But current usage could be quickly overwhelmed if anything is agreed upon,
documented and heavily used.

For reference:
was rejected for rendering at openstreetmap-carto but maybe the case can be
re-opened later. If there is a need.

To Séverin,

For your particular case with your students and considering your time frame
I would say:
IMO it is taggable, no need to avoid in OSM. Go ahead.
My preference is either place=block or place=plot. Pick as you wish and set
the trend.
The hard work is the mapping, tags can be modified if consensus and
documentation actually appear.
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