[Tagging] Deleting private objects in private spaces

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 00:08:16 UTC 2015

On 17/03/2015 10:46 AM, Bryce Nesbitt wrote:
> "Please do not map private objects in private space.  In general if
> the object could create a privacy concern, or is just not useful to
> a member of the public, please don't add it to the database.  Note
> it is fully OK to map facilities within membership or fee based venues,
> as long as the facilities are reasonably available to members of the 
> public."
> *Examples not to map*: toilets in homes, employee only toilets in 
> businesses, private recycling bins, playgrounds in private homes or 
> day care facilities.
> *Examples to map: *toilets inside DisneyLand, buildings visible from 
> air photos, private facilities with a history of public "permissive" use.

If OSM encourages others to use the OSM data base.. why cannot they add 
data that is 'private' to them?

If renderers were not to render any access=private object then the 
general public would not be aware of these 'private' objects and
those who want them may enter them and configure there own render to 
show 'their' data alongside OSM data.

One idea is to only map stuff that is 'publicly viewable'. Some define 
this as 'from a public place' such as a street. However with satellite 
views being publicly available then mapping things that are not viewable 
from a public street becomes possible with more accuracy than that of a 
visual estimation from a public street.

I think that mapping stuff that is not usefull, in some way, is a waste 
of time, public stuff or private stuff. If a person with authority wants 
to map private stuff .. then I think that is OK. The key is the authority.

And then the definition of 'private' is?
Are Universities 'private'? Are bicycle repair stations inside 
university grounds private?
Are private swimming pools in backyards to be mapped as they may be used 
in an emergency to fight fires?
The boundaries between private and public are grey ... and then their is 
community emergency use. Murky waters.

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