[Tagging] Wiki 2.0 Proposal: Unregulated voting : But you must convince another mapper to finalize changes

Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Thu Mar 19 21:14:59 UTC 2015

While the wiki vote process is controversial, it has *tremendous importance*
as wiki opinion flows directly into editing tools such as iD and Taginfo.

This is a proposed new method of managing tag pages. It mashes up the
schemes from Kotya, Moltonel, Hoess, and others.  In this scheme there are
five valid states for a tag page:

   - Proposed Tag Page
   - Proposed Tagging Convention Change or Extension
   - Active Tag
   - Deprecated Tag
   - Redirect

Voting on a proposal opens whenever the proponent decides it's open, and
stays open forever.  Votes are not deleted, but horizontal lines may be
placed in the voting stream to indicate alterations to the proposal.

There is no specific vote threshold.  However, convention is that *an
active mapper other than a proponent* must execute state changes (e.g. from
Active to Deprecated or back).  Essentially the third party mapper acts as
Judge & Jury, evaluating the full weight of the evidence from mailing list
discussion through Taginfo.  As we've learned no one threshold applies in
all cases.

Tagging changes may be followed by a retagging proposal, after a suitable
maturation period, with a goal of keeping the data consistent enough for
rational machine processing.

Each state change has a compulsory notification sent to the tagging mailing

That's it.


In each tag I have proposed, commentators have added value, and altered the
tag scheme for the better.
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