[Tagging] Accepted or rejected?

Kotya Karapetyan kotya.lists at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 10:34:43 UTC 2015

> Please also have in mind the amount of traffic between plain text and html.

I actually wonder how relevant this is. In general, I am a proponent of
saving resources, so the less transmitted data the better. But with the
increase of internet bandwidth and the speed of available hardware, the
situation is not frozen. E.g. a good UI of a tool can reduce the time you
actually need to spend looking at the screen, reducing the amount of energy
your device consumes. Thus it may be beneficial to transmit larger chunks
of data but show information in a well-formed way. Unless someone is still
connected with a 56k modem and actually needs to wait to download data, I
don't think the size is an issue. We are not tagging videos :)

We did not talk about security issues and scripts, yet.

Where do you see a potential problem in Loomio (or another similar tool) as
compared to plain email?
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