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the apparently equivalent sign in Italy (
is a footway ("marciapiede") on which bicycles are allowed. Bicycles have
to give precedence to pedestrians and they are subject to a 10km/h max
speed limit. Use of these mixed-use footways is not mandatory for cyclists.


On 28 March 2015 at 15:45, Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch> wrote:

> Am 28.03.2015 um 15:31 schrieb Hubert:
> > For example a lot of cross country cycleways (like this one
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Altmarkrundkurs.jpg )
> > can't possibly be mandatory, since there is no road next to it. But they
> are designated and official.
> There is no such thing as non mandatory cycleways in Switzerland,
> however there is no expectation that I use every possible cycleway in
> the country every time I get on a bicycle.
> Naturally the concept of mandatory only makes sense when there is an
> alternative road surface nearby that could be used instead. I see no
> point in subjecting the whole world to yet another bicycle tag just
> because the German legislative decided that it can't count on its
> populace turning its brain on.
> Essentially what they are saying: these ways are not mandatory because,
> since there is no alternative, you have no choice than to use them.
> Simon
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