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Not quite. The signs look alike, however your description fits a sign combination of DE:239 and DE:1022-10 (http://osmtools.de/traffic_signs/?signs=239,1022-10). Cyclist must yield to pedestrians (strong), bicycle speed limit is “walking speed”. (up to 10km/h). Use is not mandatory for cyclist. For DE:240 (http://osmtools.de/traffic_signs/?signs=240) Pedestrians have priority (not as strong), max speed is “adjusted”  (DE:angepasst, depends on the situation). Use is mandatory. (With the contradiction pointed out by Simon).




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the apparently equivalent sign in Italy (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Road_signs_in_Italy?uselang=it#/media/File:Italian_traffic_signs_-_percorso_pedonale_e_ciclabile.svg) is a footway ("marciapiede") on which bicycles are allowed. Bicycles have to give precedence to pedestrians and they are subject to a 10km/h max speed limit. Use of these mixed-use footways is not mandatory for cyclists.


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