[Tagging] recommend tagging of volcanos as ways rather than nodes

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Mon Mar 30 22:14:07 UTC 2015

Volcanos have a life cycle, and while some of them are iconic cones,(Fuji), and some are shields which are very flat (Vesuvius), most are not. There are calderas and collapsed old volcanoes and partially destroyed but still active volcanoes (mt st Helens) 

Japan has hundreds of active and and old volcanoes, all in various sizes and shapes and ages. 

There is a much bigger problem with naming I brought up in -carto. I guess I hijacked a thread accidentally complaint about this problem: 


Rendering of mountains is *very horrible*. Almost as bad as not rendering them at all. 

A named volcano, especially in Japan, as several named little points around the rim - quick! Name the 4-5 little named points around the rim of Mt Fuji! No one knows them. Most people in Japan don't know them. 

But with the current system, they get a peak tag, and the volcano goes in the center. And the rendered mess is all rendered and not rendered at the same zoom levels.

Every other map labels Fuji at very low zoom levels, as it is iconic. Most Japanese maps render the volcano caldera names, and don't bother with the unknown subpeaks. 

There is no way to say "this is a minor hill". - I'm not talking about mountaineering definitions and sub-peak prominence, but just that rendering order and priority in OSM/carto has no method for saying "this is a tiny but named hill 25m tall in a city park" and "this is an internationally famous 3000m mountain, visible for 75km and a landmark for millions of local residents"

In my small town, there is a tiny hill (30m  tall) named Mt Fuji, with the same characters. 

The tiny station next to it is named "below mt Fuji" station. 

Chinese people showed up there one day expecting to climb the big Mt Fuji. It was such a  popular story that it was used in a national advertising campaign for Google maps services (on YouTube). 

But I have to label both mountains the same in OSM and rendered the same in -carto. Regional landmarks have their name pushed out of render by the stupid sub-peak tags, and all the labels disappear around Z15, when some shouldn't show up until z17 and others should be rendered at z10. 

There has to be some way to say "this is a minor hill, display only at high zoom" and "this is a major, giant volcano, a landmark worthy of being rendered at z10. 

And area is probably not the way to do it (Mt Akagi is about 80km around, and luckily well defined - a lot of other mountains are bigger and less easily defined (Denali/mt McKinley comes to mind).

This will only be solved with new tags. 


> On Mar 31, 2015, at 12:14 AM, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
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>> volcano and peak are both mountains and we do not have an area tagging
>> system for fuzzy areas.
> with the not so subtle difference that mountains do have a peak, while volcanos don't, they typically have a "hole".
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