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Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Tue Oct 6 09:06:42 UTC 2015

On 06.10.2015 10:35, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> would you be permitted if you wanted to ask for hotel pricing? Or room
> availability?

Yes. Asking means contact, and that's what it is about.

>     Many people have been using (motor_)vehicle=destination for this, but that's
>     just wrong, because "destination" would mean that you are allowed to drive
>     in to take a walk or shoot photos. In exchange, "destination" would prohibt
>     residents from driving through - but they are actually allowed to do so.
> IMHO we should change the wiki to make this more explicit, because the
> German situation is similar, it isn't sufficient to want to go there (like
> the wiki currently states), but you have to want to come in contact with
> someone living there or operating his business there.

I am ok with explicitely stating in the wiki that access=destination does
*not* require contact with residents.

> "visitors" would exclude a lot of stuff, including residents. Also "visitor"
> implies IMHO you have to stay. Is the postman a "visitor"? I'd say no.

I don't know either. This is why I started this thread. What value do you

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