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Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
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On 06.10.2015 23:11, John Willis wrote:
>> On Oct 6, 2015, at 8:48 PM, Friedrich Volkmann <bsd at volki.at> wrote:
>> So if "destination" excludes off-wanderers and sightseers, what tag do you
>> use when you need to include them?
> Yes/permissive under general.
> If I am free to come up park my car for any reason and wander about, that is pretty damn permissive.

Permissive would also mean that we are allowed to drive thru, at least
according to the tag definition in the Wiki. We need to stick to those
definitions, there's too much data based on them.

> I may be wrong, but the signage you are describing is very interesting to me because in general it doesn't exist in the US. Usually private residential streets (not driveways) are still access=yes/permissive unless there is a gate (I lived adjacent to one w/o a gate), and parking on busy streets/ neighborhoods is done with permits - but the road itself is permissive. 

Indeed there are huge differences between our countries. When searching for
translations of legal terms, I stumbled upon pages like
This case would be unthinkable here in Central Europe. All fields of life
are excessively regulated. There are laws and road signs for everything.
There are all kinds of restrictions on public roads as well as on privately
owned roads. Authorities are imaginative not only at complicating rules, but
also when it comes to fining people. In the given example, they would put up
a proper traffic sign, and police would punish every driver who ignores it.

> If there is some sign that says "residents and people with business with residents only" - that sounds an awful lot like access=destination. 

Well, it may sound like it, but it's really different from the other kind of
destination traffic.

Let's take this example:
Assume we want to go fishing at the brook (Johannesbach). We probably need
to pay for it. In that case, we are in business with the owners, so we are
allowed to drive directly to the fishing spot. But if fishing is free, or if
we just want to hike along the brook, we are not allowed to drive in. We
need to walk 2,35 km to reach the brook. Or we drive 8 km all around the
forest (as the routing engine suggests) and still have 1 km to walk to reach
the brook. In any case, we lose a lot of time, and we'll be physically

But if the traffic sign said "except for local traffic" or "except for
destinations in the wood", we could legally drive directly to the fishing
spot, no matter what we are doing there.

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