[Tagging] Postindustrial Castle

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Fri Oct 16 08:02:49 UTC 2015


> On Oct 16, 2015, at 4:33 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
> I d call the hearst residence at least a villa, if castle doesn't find agreement.

A villa or mansion or something more than a common house - but...  

It just feels weird to tag a more modern structure never used as a castle as a castle.

You are right - the duck test tells me it is an imposing historic building. And yea, it looks a bit like a castle and is named "castle" - like the disney castle - but it's style is to mimic a castle - it was never meant to really be one. It is a rich person's house. 

In the Ironman films, Tony Starks malibu house is similarly large, a residence for a powerful person, and very imposing. If he put a couple turrets on the top, would it be a castle? Does the style of architecture define it as a castle (which is easily replicated) - or its purpose (when active) as a true defensive fortified local/regional/national power center? 

This is a fabulous question. 

Does a building that looks like a castle but has no historical usage as a castle - nor could ever used be a castle - be tagged as a castle?

No archer has ever been upon the battlements at Hearst castle nor Disneyland's castles and loose an arrow at an enemy - nor discuss african swallows and their airspeed velocity vis a vis coconuts.

To me, it is a historic mansion (villa?) called "Hearst Castle". 

But this "style" vs purpose (active or historical) is a very interesting question to me. 


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