[Tagging] Formal proposal: access=permit

Kevin Kenny kevin.b.kenny+osm at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 19:38:07 UTC 2016

Given the length of the thread about how to tag lands accessed by permit,
and the fragmentation of the ideas therein, I've decided to advance a
formal proposal for an 'access=permit' tag.

I've placed a draft at

I'll wait a couple of weeks for any discussion on the talk page to die
down, and once it seems to be stable, I'll send out a request for voting.
In any case, the request will be sent no sooner than 15 August 2016.

I hope that people will refrain from opposing the proposal on the ground
that the requirement is already well served by 'access=private'. I hope
that the proposal has made an adequate distinction between the two cases.
Several other users in this thread have joined me in a desire to render the
two access conditions differently on our own maps. Obviously, nothing that
is to be rendered differently can be tagged alike.

I've "jumped the gun" a bit and started using 'foot=permit', etc. on
features that I've added as part of an effort to rationalize the geometry
and tagging of protected areas in New York State. Nevertheless, I have
scripts that can readily recover all the ways and relations that I've
tagged with it, and a fairly small mechanical edit can revise the tagging
to whatever modified scheme is accepted.
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