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Il giorno 27 ago 2016, alle ore 21:45, Paul Johnson <baloo at ursamundi.org> ha scritto:

>>  (you are in a motorway, with exits each 1,2,3 kms.) Where is groundtruth mapping?
> talk-de doesn't have a monopoly on attention to detail, you know. 


besides the conceptual ugliness, also from a practical point of view it can indeed matter:
- typical distance between 2 exits is much more than 1/2/3 km, particularly in areas with toll stations at the exits, and in some context you will have to turn and go all the way back to the missed exit (the total can easily be 20km and more)

- the more people use the map, the more likely it will occur for someone to make a difference, it may seem less probable looking at a single driver, but looking at all drivers it happens all the time

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