[Tagging] Bridge relations. Is that a 'thing'?

Dave F davefoxfac63 at btinternet.com
Tue Feb 16 22:12:15 UTC 2016

I noticed the 4000+ type=bridge, but many of those are relations that 
try & tie the bridge going over with the way going under.


Which isn't the same objective as the first example I provided. From 
memory it was to allow routers to check for low bridges etc. AsI 
remember it, it was discredited by unsure why.

> I think with the current rendering in OSM carto of the outline
>   (man_made=bridge) most mapper will stop with the outline. One
>   main problem (bridge name is not highway name) is elegantly
>   solved with the outline.

bridge:name=* can be used. It sits happily alongside name=*

> I am not sure which questions are not answered by finding all ways
>   inside the outline with the same layer.


Dave F.

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