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Ralph Aytoun ralph.aytoun at ntlworld.com
Thu Feb 18 10:39:19 UTC 2016

Thank you Gerd,

The incorrect tagging that you have picked up is by an inexperienced mapper that worked on a square in the tasking manager but has not marked that square as completed yet so no validation has taken place. An even more extensive error that has been done by that same mapper is to incorrectly tag a load of residential roads as highway=service.
In the course of mapping, because this square is not completed, someone else would open it to complete it and may very well have corrected that themselves before the square is marked as complete and we might not have picked it up during validation.
Introducing new mappers to OSM is really a hit and miss affair, not knowing at the beginning who will go on to become a regular mapper and who will not find it their favourite pastime. During the early days of the mapper’s experience on OSM we do need to do quite a bit of baby-sitting to check and control the quality of the work. We are continually trying to increase the number of validators to assist with this task so that we can try to get in early on with new mappers and correct any errors in  the way they do things. In general the new mappers welcome some kind of feedback to understand that they are doing the right thing and can confidently continue. So we give positive feedback to help with this.
So thank you for giving us a head start on this one and we can contact this mapper and correct the error before he/she creates more errors.


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I fixed one or two edits in Africa during the last days thinking those were simple typos,

but new mappers continued to use this tag, so I thought I should try to contact the

more experienced mappers to point out that there might be a recent change in the 

instructions which was not good.

I'll contact the mappers as well.



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I am on mobile, this is what I found:
8 objects

At least on this project
#hotosm-project-1465, #MissingMaps, #Mozambique, #Bing
Pretty standard instructions with references to wiki-highway_tag_africa

At least with this changeset
Best course in my opinion would be to contact directly mapper(s) via OSM changesets discussion to welcome and explain.

See you all

- althio

On Feb 18, 2016 7:57 AM, "Gerd Petermann" <GPetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com> wrote:

  Hi all,

  in the last days a few newby mappers started to map highway="residential road" .

  They all contribute to #hotosm tasks, so it seems that the hints for these projects 

  suggest to use this tagging. Can anybody from HOT check this, please ?


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