[Tagging] Marking climbing proposal as "in use"

Anders Fougner anders.fougner at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 10:17:41 UTC 2016

Den 29.01.2016 10.47, skrev Tom Pfeifer:
>> Den 29.01.2016 02.21, skrev Mike Thompson:
>>> What one person may aid, another may free (I am using "free 
>>> climbing" in the US sense  [1]).
> > [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_climbing
> that wikipedia page is quite messed up by an recent edit war about the 
> use
> of "free climbing" in different parts of the world, the current version
> is historically wrong. 
Certainly, it doesn't match the historical use in my country either.

Den 29.01.2016 10.47, skrev Tom Pfeifer:
>> You might even add a converted grade (although the conversion isn't 
>> unique since 5.13 might be anything between 7c+ and 8b):
> No! Conversion of grades is subjective and can be done by the
> data consumer. The grade should be in the native system of the
> area. We also do not convert maxspeed=15mph into km/h tags, since
> that can be computed.
> tom 
Sorry, I wasn't specific enough here; I meant if there is an official 
converted grade.
In my area the guidebooks usually have two grades for each route; 
Norwegian grades and French grades. In such cases, when there is an 
"official conversion" (but doesn't really match the conversion tables on 
e.g. the wiki-link above [1]), I think both can be added.
Then the data consumer can choose which one to use: If you want to use 
the official French grade, do it. If you want to do the conversion 
yourself, try converting from the Norwegian grade.

For a non-subjective conversion such as mph to km/h, conversion can be 
up to the data consumer (the result will anyway be the same).


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