[Tagging] amenity=retirement_home and social facility

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 10:17:00 UTC 2016

2016-07-05 11:48 GMT+02:00 Tom Pfeifer <t.pfeifer at computer.org>:

> Hm, maybe that is not so visible as a facility, but certainly lots of
> fitter
> seniors join to share a flat, with an individual room for each of them,
> privately organised among them.

indeed, I don't believe this would qualify in any way as a "social
facility", nor would probably most of those that Greg defined above: "
senior_age_restricted_housing: no special staff compared to any other
apartment, but you have to be >= 55 or 65 and not have children living

Maybe we have a more profound problem here with the "social facility" tag,
and it comes out, it wasn't the best of all ideas to have "social facility"
as a generic category? In the end, if this covers all kind of different
stuff (soup kitchen, nursing home etc.) in one main tag, this main tag
isn't very useful to anyone. On the other hand, we would likely have to put
some residential facilities for elderly under this tag, but others clearly
not. Maybe amenity=retirement_home and nursing_home was somehow better than
this mashup? These are generic terms and could have been subtagged for
special variants (like group homes), although they also bear some problems
(e.g. the fact that most/many residential facilities for elderly offer
both, nursing care and not, within the same facility).

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