[Tagging] Additions to public_transport scheme

Tijmen Stam mailinglists at iivq.net
Wed Jul 6 21:39:29 UTC 2016


I suggest two additions to the public transport scheme:

1. a "placename" (or "place") tag for stop_position, platform and 
stop_area. I notice that most public transport companies have a somewhat 
separate idea of a place name and a stop name. For example: "New York, 
Grand Central Terminal", where on timetables both are used but on the 
stop itself only the stopname ("Grand Central Terminal").
There is no consistent way of tagging this.

For example:
- in most of rural Belgium, "<placename> <stopname>" is used (as in 
- in most of the Netherlands, but also urban Belgium, "<stopname>" is 
- in other places you see combinations like "<placename>, <stopname>", 
"stopname>, <placename>" or "<PLACENAME> - <stopname>", as here in 
Bordeaux for some stops 

I suggest setting the placename in another tag "placename" which is 
valid on stops, platforms and stop_areas (and by extension on the "old" 
tags like highway=bus_stop and their rail variants)

2. A tag "formula" on route and route_master relations, which is valid 
for special (marketing) formulas within a network or spanning multiple 
For example, in the Netherlands there is the "brand" of R·NET for fast 
interurban bus and subway lines. The brand is owned by an independent 
entity and local governements decides whether certain lines are elegible 
or required to have the brand, whereas bus operators operate these 
lines. For example, within one concession, Connexxion runs green 
(Connexxion's brand) colour city and rural buses and red R·NET buses).

I suggest allowing a formula to distinguish lines which have a special 

What is the procedure for addendums to existing tag structures? Should 
there be a formal voting process?

With regards,


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