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As I understand it, the care given in a nursing home is much greater. My Mother In Law lives in a nice home after a stroke; she cannot do any basic living functions without someone to assist her. My uncle was on a bicycle and was hit by a car and they removed a piece of his brain; they cared for him for 6 years as he chewed on the bedsheets until he mercifully passed. Both facilities offered full daily support and preparation for every action and need a resident has, down to bathing - does a group home mean the same thing? AFAIK it means a home where guests still enjoy some level of autonomy or choice in actions, while needing some help with tasks. The residents at a nursing home are there because of their inability to mentally make those decisions nor care for themselves on almost any level. (Unless I have misunderstood something).  Tagging should be pretty clear those are separate. 

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