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Fri Mar 25 19:24:42 UTC 2016

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> Am 25.03.2016 um 13:29 schrieb Alexander Matheisen <AlexanderMatheisen at ish.de>:
> And the German version of this article (you can translate it with
> Google Translator) says that a secondary road often corresponds to a
> certrain legal designation, but it does not have to.

although this is a peripheral discussion here, I like to point out that "legal designation" has more dimensions to it than the average driver would maybe assume: the German signposted classification of Bundesstraße, Landstraße, Kreisstraße is about the operator, it is not the actual classification that authorities use to plan and manage the road network. They use planning guidelines with different classes, which are not directly visible to the user of a road. A good starting point for the German situation is maybe here: https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richtlinien_für_integrierte_Netzgestaltung
(I believe the actual guideline is not available for free), and I guess other countries will likely have similar standards that go beyond the system that is visible from signs on the road.


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