[Tagging] tagging sport=shotput or sport=shot_put?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 21:15:31 UTC 2016

On 29/03/2016 5:53 AM, Tom Pfeifer wrote:
> Warin wrote on 2016/03/28 00:21:
>>> Athletics is another case where multiple disciplines are performed 
>>> on the same pitch/track.
>> No!
>> Running sports have a particular track, not used for shot put, 
>> hammer, discus, long jump etc etc.
>> I don't think long jump pitches are not used for any other sport? Do 
>> you have an example?
>> Discus and hammer throws can share the same 'cage' ... but that means 
>> those 'caged' areas cannot be used for javelin, high jump, pole vault 
>> etc.
> Man!
Sorry. No personal dispute/attack here. Just trying to get the detail 
and some small understanding. OK?
> Not all on the same of course. But as there is a high chance that more 
> than one sport
> is performed on a particular one, as you just acknowledged, a yes/no 
> scheme is more
> helpful than a bunch of contradicting duck tags.
> Example, small school sports ground with straight track used for 
> sprint+jump:
> sport=athletics
> athletics:sprint=yes
> athletics:long_jump=yes
> Thrower place used for 3 kinds:
> sport=athletics
> athletics:shot_put=yes
> athletics:discus_throw=yes
> athletics:hammer_throw=yes

I would map each sport as individual pitches/tracks (running is a track 
type thing). Then add the relevant sport to the individual pitch/track. 
That way I can 'see' where each sport is.
> > So .. you see sport=running as viable.
> > Then using the same logic sport=shot_put is also viable ... and so 
> on for the other 'athletic' sports.
> No I just said I would tolerate its existence. So will I also tolerate 
> your thrower's pitch
> tagged sport=shot_put, unless I see a kid throwing pebbles from there, 
> then I'll come and
> retag it sport=athletics + athletics:shot_put=yes + 
> athletics:pebble_throw=yes, because I can't
> encode the pebbles otherwise.

As individuals .. it is not upto 'us' to dictate what is used. :-)

The present 'system' in the sports key is duck tagging.
For example ... football could have been tagged

But it is duct tagged
sport=rugby_union   ... not even sport=rugby, rugby=rugby_union !

Is one method better than the other? I don't think there is a clear 
winner there, more personal opinion.

My present thinking is to put up both systems .. and see what mappers 
prefer ... much like the swimming_pool thing where both amenity and 
leisure used it for some time to see what the mappers used most.

To get back to part of my original question ... shot_put looks to be 
preferred over shotput.

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