[Tagging] tagging sport=shotput or sport=shot_put?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 01:33:12 UTC 2016

On 29/03/2016 9:29 AM, Tom Pfeifer wrote:
> Warin wrote on 2016/03/28 23:15:
>> I would map each sport as individual pitches/tracks (running is a 
>> track type thing).
> > Then add the relevant sport to the individual pitch/track. That way 
> I can 'see' where each sport is.
> So what do you do when multiple athletic disciplines are performed on 
> the same pitch/track?
Same as for any other sport tag...
 From the sports wiki " Where a number of sports are associated with a 
single feature then separate the sports with a ';', for example 
>> The present 'system' in the sports key is duck tagging.
> There is a lot of those from the early days, yes. That does not mean 
> it is necessary to introduce a whole lot more.

Early days? The sport key was introduced in 2007... hmmm.
>> For example ... football could have been tagged
>> sport=football
>> football:soccer=yes
> I gave you an example where subtagging in sport worked well.
>> Is one method better than the other? I don't think there is a clear 
>> winner there, more personal opinion.
> The way to deal with chaos is structure, in my opinion.
>> To get back to part of my original question ... shot_put looks to be 
>> preferred over shotput.
> Good, one thing we agree on.
Yay. I note 'we' are the only two participants. Such is voluntary 
Anyone else want to give some support one way of the other??

My present thoughts are to introduce both on the wiki and let the 
mappers decide what they want to do.


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