[Tagging] Proper Tag for Not-a-Roundabout

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Tue Nov 8 14:09:18 UTC 2016

On 08.11.2016 14:35, Dave F wrote:
> On 08/11/2016 11:07, Daniel Hofmann wrote:
>> In the second example "Skalitzer Straße" has right of way.
> ... Reichenberger Straße appears to be mapped incorrectly as


> it joins directly into Kottbusser Tor

That's what it does in reality. And it's oneway, so you can only leave 
the circle, not join.

> & the pedestrian crossing is
> nearer Kottbusser Tor (note the crossing & path are to the West of the
> steps up to the railway station.

Access to the U-Bahn (which is above the street here) is via a 
pedestrian tunnel, so the steps outside the circle are going _down_ to -1.

> The lights at that crossing also appear to control vehicle access onto
> Kottbusser Tor.

The lights are not all mapped. there are light when entering the circle, 
and lights in the circle.
Will do a full mapillary round next time in the area to get it completed.

> Caveat: I'm using streetview so the images could be out of date.

Which streetview, there are plenty?

Start using mapillary, and there is 2016 aerial coverage for Berlin in 
the town's osm-compliant geoportal. ;-)

> If the lights were removed (or temporarily failed) drivers wouldn't
> think they have right access on entering the Tor or suddenly start
> driving clockwise around it. They'd treat it like a roundabout because
> it is a roundabout.

No, each light has either a give-way or main-street sign attached, they 
make the regulation unambiguous when they are off.

> But from what I understand you want a tag saying it's not a roundabout
> so you can route it as if it was a roundabout.

Effectively Daniel proposes a tag for a circular junction that is not 
formally a roundabout by OSM definition. Then, every data consumer can 
do with it what she wants, whether we like it here or not. As this is 
the tagging list, I am in favour of such a tag, as long as it is a 
positive description.


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