[Tagging] stop area hierarchy

Tijmen Stam mailinglists at iivq.net
Mon Nov 14 08:26:30 UTC 2016

> Dear all,
> The wiki page of public_transport=stop_area includes a sentence "For
> larger interchanges it is often appropriate to organise stop areas into a
> hierarchy. Heathrow Airport would for example consist of 5 terminals, a
> coach station and two underground stations with many associated
> facilities." but I don't know how to make the hierarchy.
> For example, in my town there is an interchange with a metro station with
> two platforms, light rail station with six platforms and two associated
> bus stations. Currently there are four stop_areas, one for metro station,
> one for light rail station, one for each bus station. How to make that
> hierarachy?

I had seen the same sentence and wrestled with it as well.
Concider the central station of Amsterdam, which has one (soon: two)
subway stations with 2 platforms each, a bus station with 10-is platforms,
another bus station with 7 platforms, two tram stations  with 4-5
platforms each, and a ferry terminal with 5ish ferry slips, and off course
12 train platforms (with a/b/c sections meaning about 30-ish stop
position/platform combinations)

What I would do is make a stop area for each "substation" (for one mode)
then make a general stop area which contains only stop areas and maybe one
main station node. This gives warnings from the JOSM validator, as a
stop_area isn't an accepted member of a stop_area.

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