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> On 29 Nov 2016, at 4:29 AM, Tod Fitch <tod at fitchdesign.com> wrote:
> A number of state highway routes through the Sierra Nevada are closed in winter. The rub is, the real closure is from first significant snowfall until it either melts or they bring in the rotary plows in spring.  This varies wildly from year to year

Same here in Japan. There *so many* mountain pass roads that close in winter  - the areas are not used for skiing so they close in winter or they have been bypassed by tunneled roads. 

Most of the main mountain roads have "road stations" (service areas on non-motorway roads) with big wooden topographical maps with little wood signs saying "open" or "closed" - which varies from road to road in the region. 

The old snowman ascii character (now a rendered emoji ☃ ) was put on the roads in navigational maps to warn that the road would be closed in winter. 


The 158 (the windey bypassed section) and 24 (into Kamikochi) closes in the winter. 
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