[Tagging] intelligence services

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 07:59:34 UTC 2016

Following a short discussion on talk-de, I am asking for your comments
regarding the tagging of intelligence service sites.

Currently in Germany, these seem to be tagged as
landuse=military plus name, operator and alt_name tags.


There are military intelligence services, and for those this tagging would
be ok, but in this case it is not a military service, hence the tagging
should be improved.

My suggestion for the institution is
amenity=intelligence_service (and name, operator etc. tags)

The nature of these places is secrecy, but from time to time some details
come to light and could be added, e.g. sub-tags for the kind of site (e.g.
formation, surveillance, data archive, command, or whatever you think is

In case it is a military site, the military tags would be added, obviously

for the landuse:
landuse=civic_admin or institutional

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